When was it launched?
The Hardship Fund was launched by Oakington and Westwick Neighbours (OWN) in July 2020 to support local residents with financial difficulties during the pandemic and continues to operate. It is financed by donations from local residents and occasional grants including from SCDC.

What is it for?
The Fund provides small grants of approx. £50 to £100 for everyday essentials such as food, utilities, toiletries or for unforeseen emergencies. It also provides help towards the replacement of white goods such as washing machines or microwaves, school clothes or equipment, and similar expenses. These grants do not affect any benefits.

How are the grants provided?
The grants are provided by cash or by voucher with a maximum of three grants per household every twelve months. All requests are responded to as quickly as possible and are treated with full confidentiality. The team can also offer advice for help from other agencies such as the County Council.

How can I apply?
For requests call or text Ben on 07342 945373 or Jo on 07714 760582 or email oak.west.hardship.fund@outlook.com

Who administers the fund – what about confidentiality and accountability?
The fund is managed by a small team of three people appointed by OWN. Every request is treated with full confidentiality, that means that no names are being passed on beyond the individuals of the team. The Hardship Team’s financial records are overseen by OWN and a group including the Clerk of the Parish Council and the Treasurer of the Community Association. For more details see the Hardship Fund Policy Document.